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Senior Spotlight

Written by Yariselle R. (Reposted from Team 8222 website)

Victoria Tellez started her FIRST journey back in 2020 on Team 8222. The world had then shut down and the pandemic started. When the school opened back up in 2021 and it was announced that the team was back up and running, she made sure to return.

She joined with a passion in computer science. It was only right that she became the first ever lead Programmer and Coder for Team 8222, known back then as the RoboAviators.

She studied, practiced, and built codes before the 2021 season began, our first season competing. With it being our first season, we had a lot of learning curves that stunted our robot build. But nonetheless, we had a fully built robot just 30 minutes before our first qualifying match in the Buckeye Regionals. While we were building, Victoria was building and running the code for the robot to prepare for her defining moment on the team. With 20 minutes to spare and while we were walking to que for our first match, she programmed our robot to compete and we were on the field giving it our all. After our first match, she challenged herself to build an autonomous code and did it!!

She spent this season training the new generation of programmers and coders for the sustainability of our team and led her team to develop an awesome autonomous code for the robot as well as the coding used for teleoperations.

This year was Victoria’s last season on Team 8222 as she will be graduating with High Honors this June. Just last week she announced her next chapter in her career and will be attending Harvey Mudd College on a Full Ride to study computer science!

We are so proud of Victoria and know she will make the world a better place one code at a time.

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