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Recognizing Gracious Professionalism

Written by J. Bradshaw, Project Lead for the Great Lakes Science Center’s Robotics Initiative


Greetings, teams! Just a reminder that Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® are important values in FIRST. In fact, they are so important that Collin Fultz, the Senior Director for the FIRST Robotics Competition at FIRST HQ, wrote an article about it in a recent blog post that appeared last month. In his article, titled “Treating Each Other Well At Events,” Collin, talked about the lessons learned from Dr. Woodie Flowers, the Chair of the FIRST Executive Advisory Board, who passed away back in 2019. Collin also gave four examples of small “acts of Gracious Professionalism” that had a profound impact.


This season, we encourage the members of our six teams to develop a button, or something else that can be given out at competition to recognize and reward individual, or team acts of Gracious Professionalism. Through this example, we hope to encourage everyone to treat each other with kindness and respect. Or as Woodie Flowers often said, “… in a way that would make our grandmother proud!”


Click HERE to read Collin’s blog post in its entirety.

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