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Coach Hatfield Named Mentor of the Year

Posted on Sept 25, 2022 by Yariselle A.

”Coach” Timothy Hatfield provides guidance to his team in the PIT during the Buckeye Regional robotics tournament earlier this season – Image credit, FRC Team 8222.  


Congratulations to our own Timothy Hatfield, lead mentor of Team 8222 (The Argonauts), who was recently named winner of the 2022 Danielle Chronister "Mentor of the Year Award."

                                                The award, which recognizes and celebrates one                                                              outstanding mentor from the region, is named in                                                              honor of one of our mentors, a beloved teacher from                                                      MC2 STEM High School who was tragically struck and                                                    killed at the beginning of this past FRC season by a                                                          construction vehicle as she was crossing the street on                                                    her way to teach class.

Danielle was a dedicated teacher and a passionate advocate for STEM education. She was also my friend and ally, and fought hard to bring the FIRST® Robotics program to the students at her school, and to other high schools throughout the district.

In the weeks leading up to the Curiosity Open Robotics Challenge tournament, students from the participating teams were given the opportunity to write an essay nominating a mentor from their team who both motivated and inspired them. With so many teams at registered for this year’s Curiosity Open there was no shortage of nominees, and the judges had a very difficult time selecting just one recipient for the award. But, at the end of the day there was one student essay that so passionately conveyed the impact that their mentor had on the team, that the judges all felt compelled to recognize Coach Hatfield for his hard work and dedication. Here is just part of student essay describing the impact of Coach Hatfield…

“This Mentor always had a way of making sure the team worked as cohesive unit, and made sure that everyone felt that they were a valued member of the team. He helped build a family. With every cheer, every talk, every high-five, and even our famous group chant, he developed a foundation for us all to trust one another and to believe in each other. Every time one of us had a bad day he would be there with his jolly laugh and some kind words to cheer us up. Because of him, our team sings and dances together and accepts each other just the way we are. He is our role model, and exemplifies our team’s core values: Trust, Honor, and Family.”

Congratulations to “Coach" Timothy Hatfield. He is not only a great mentor, but a FIRST® Alumni too! 


Season Calendar 

2024 FRC Kickoff Watch Party

December 2, 2023

Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

2024 FRC Kickoff Watch Party

January 6, 2024

Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

Buckeye Regional

March 20 – March 23, 2024  (Week 4)

Wolstein Center, Cleveland State University

2000 Prospect Avenue E.

Cleveland, OH 44115

Miami Valley Regional

April 3 – April 6, 2024 (Week 6)

Cintas Center, Xavier University

1624 Musketeer Drive.

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2024 FRC Recognition Awards Luncheon 

April 13, 2024

Great Lakes Science Center
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FIRST Championship

April 17 – April 20, 2023

GRB Convention Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas
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2024 Kettering Kickoff

(Date TBD)

Kettering University
1700 University Ave.,

Flint, MI 48504

2024 Curiosity Open Robotics Challenge

September 28, 2024

Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

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